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Authors: Elana goldberg
Artists: Johyoo
Genres: Josei(W) , Romance
Original language: English
Translated language: English
Original work: Completed
Upload status: Completed
Year of Release: 2023
When Aria goes out to celebrate her new job, she doesn’t expect to go home with anyone— especially not Jack Lee, the hottie who turns out to be her new boss. As if work couldn’t be anymore awkward, Aria finds out sleeping together is the only thing that’s helped Jack’s insomnia. Jack proposes a side hustle she can’t turn down: sleep beside him, and in turn, make bank. As they try to keep their agreement a secret, what began as a business starts to feel more personal. Can they keep it professional between the sheets? Or is it only a matter of time before sleeping together turns into SLEEPING TOGETHER?
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Chapter 48 : Puppy Love
FloMio 631 + 4.1K 66 days ago
Chapter 47 : Five Star
FloMio 655 + 4.5K 73 days ago
Chapter 46 : All Aboard
FloMio 686 + 4.5K 80 days ago
Chapter 35 : All In
FloMio 1K + 7.9K 156 days ago
Chapter 27 : Gotta Jet!
FloMio 1.3K + 12.5K 214 days ago
Chapter 23 : Look Out!
FloMio 1.4K + 12.7K 241 days ago
Chapter 22 : Support System
FloMio 1.5K + 12.8K 249 days ago
Chapter 21 : Awakened
FloMio 1.5K + 13.4K 256 days ago
Chapter 8
FloMio 2.1K + 21.8K 296 days ago
Chapter 6 : I’m Swamped
FloMio 2.2K + 22.6K 297 days ago
Chapter 5 : You Get Me
FloMio 2.5K + 25.1K 298 days ago
Chapter 3 : We Have a Deal
FloMio 2.6K + 26.3K 298 days ago